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Why is it worth getting registered on our portal DogKennelFCI.com 

- you get your own place on the Net where you can promote your kennel or yourdogs free of charge ! 

- be a member of international community of certified breeders

- you get access to new ways of promotion and advertising possibilites

Our portal is decicated to breeders with professional 

attitude toward their kennels as well as for prospection dog owners who find a frend for life. Our concise database and thorough filtration devices enable you to find a dog in an easy and safe manner.

All breeders can present free of charge information that refers to:

- kennels

-exhibition achievements

- stud dogs and their health record

- bitches and their health record

- litters  / upcoming litters

- puppies for sale

Thanks to www.DogKennelFCI.com you can help make our database bigger. Remember that all the information that can be found our portal registred FCI breeders.

Whay pedigree dogs ?

The common aim of all professional kennels is to make currently avaiable races better in terms of their physical and mental characteristics with professional background.

The moment you decide to buy a puppy from registered FCI kennel you get the guarantee that your dog is a pedigree dog with all necessary certificates that prove its origin

You avoid unneessary risk and possible letdowns that often occur when you buy a puppy from breeders that can not comply with strict and precise conditions descibed in FCI regulations.

Our breeders put as much effort as they can to ensure and guarantee that their puppies are health and free of any genetic ailments, which constitutes the safety of transaction

Puppies in FCI kennels are professionaly looked after by specialites who provide them with appropriate and regular veterinary care from the birth through later peroods until 

they are a ready to leave the kennel. They leave the kennel in excellent mental nad health candition. Moreover even after  collecting a puppy you can still rely on professional advice from the particular breeder and other ones. 


DogKennelFCI Team with passion for dogs 

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